Our Story

Just B’ Healthy is an online store to supply healthy and highest quality products to consumers through online platform at reasonable price. With this, we pass the savings to the consumers.

Cooking guideline is provided as much as possible to gain maximum benefit from the healthy products we are selling.

Our goods are made to order. To ensure freshness of our product with highest quality, we took the effort to freshly produce and pack from order to order.

We strongly hope that our customers will be healthy, safe and stay happy always.

As our products has no added preservative and sulfur, customers are advised to keep the products refrigerated or below 25 Degree Celsius to maintain freshness. Direct sunlight or excessive heat exposure has to be avoided. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the misuse of the products.

Last but not least, Just B’ Healthy sincerely wants you to be Blessed be Healthy always.

Just B’ Healthy 是通过网络平台以合理的价格为顾客们提供最健康及优质的产品. 因此,我们将省的传给消费者。




由于我们的产品均无添加防腐剂和硫磺, 因此我们建议客户们必须把产品冷藏, 以保持新鲜度. 同时, 请勿将产品储存在超于25摄氏度的环境中或暴晒在阳光下. 对于因滥用产品而引起的任何形式的损失或损害,我们概不负责。

在此Just B’ Healthy 真诚地祝福你永远健康, 平安和快乐.