Wild Astragalus Slice (野黄芪/ 北芪片) – 40 g/ 150 g/ 500 g


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Tonic for weak spleen and stomach, loose stools, fatigue and fatigue, as well as diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, rectal prolapse, reduce cold sweat,
Strengthen qi and yang, diuresis to reduce swelling, support sore and drain pus
Astragalus has strong qi-replenishing power and is good for replenishing lung qi.
It can treat lung deficiency, shortness of breath, low voice, mental fatigue, fatigue, and colds.
Often used with Codonopsis, Atractylodes, yam, and licorice. Preserve honey Astragalus brings even more health benefits.


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40 gram, 150 gram, 500 gram


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