Dried M Size Korean Oyster (韩国蚝士/牡蛎干-中号)


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Oysters are rich in zinc.

The oyster extract can significantly inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood lipids in patients with hyper lipidemia, facilitate the secretion and utilization of insulin, and enhance the sensitivity of malignant tumor cells to radiation and inhibit their growth.

Oyster has obvious hepatoprotective and choleretic effects, which is also good medicine for preventing and treating intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy.

Oyster tastes slightly salty and cold.

Return to the liver, gallbladder, and kidney channels.

It calms the liver, nerves, and suppresses the Yang.

It helps in dizziness, tinnitus; palpitations, insomnia, scrofula, scrofula, lumps, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats, nocturnal emission, metrorrhagia.

It can be cooked in soup, porridge, or stir fry.

Summary to Oyster benefit as below:

  1. Strong liver detoxification

Oyster helps in cell regeneration and red blood cell activation.

It can improve liver function, restore fatigue, and strengthen physical strength.

The taurine contained in oysters can promote bile secretion, remove neutral fat accumulated in the liver, and improve the liver’s detoxification effect.

  1. Improve sexual function

Oysters contain large amounts of arginine, which is indispensable for sperm production and trace element lead.

Arginine is the main ingredient for sperm production, and sub-lead promotes the secretion of hormones.

Oysters improve sexual function, impotence, enlarged prostate, and hypoplasia of sexual organs due to insufficient lead.

  1. Purify blood vessels and cure bruises

The taurine in oysters has a good preventive effect on arteriosclerosis caused by blood vessel congestion, consequent stenosis, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction.

  1. Fatigue recovery

The amino acids contained in oysters can improve the function of the liver, inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid, and help accelerate the recovery from fatigue and increase physical strength.

Taurine and liver glycogen in oysters can not only help the recovery of physical fatigue but are also very effective in the recovery of mental fatigue.

The effect of improving endogenous depression and restoring vision has also been recognized.

  1. Nourish your face

Because oysters contain iron and copper, it is the most effective treatment for women’s unique iron deficiency anaemia.

Besides that, oysters contain a large amount of lead, which is lacking in most people.

Therefore, eating oysters can prevent dry skin, promote skin metabolism, decompose subcutaneous melanin, and produce delicate skin with white and red skin.

Oyster also promotes the formation and secretion of hormones, it also has a good effect on physiological disorders, infertility, and menopausal disorders.

  1. Improve immunity

Oysters are called “milk in the sea”.

They are rich in excellent protein, liver glycogen, vitamins, and minerals, and contain more than 18 kinds of amino acids.

These amino acids are rich in glutathione, which can synthesize anti-acid substances.

Amino acids (glutamic acid, sugar gum).

After eating oysters, glutathione is synthesized in the human body to remove active acids in the body, improve immunity, and inhibit aging.







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