Dried Sliced Sea Coconut (海底椰干) – 120 g


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  1. Sea Coconut is well-known on clearing dryness, heat, relieving heaty cough, nourishing kidneys, lungs, beauty,  strengthening body functions, clearing restlessness, insomnia, and dreaminess. SeaCoconut is rich in vitamin E and cellulose, which can help to get rid of heat, detox and achieves emollient effects. This is why Sea Coconut is suitable for women as Vitamin E supplement.
  2. Nourishes the lungs and relieves cough – Boiling soup with Sea Coconut, lean meat, and pear can effectively treat chronic cough due to lung heat, blood in phlegm, and hemoptysis due to exertion. Sea Coconut can effectively nourish lungs.


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