J-Eze Joint Food


Directions For Use:

Adult: Take 1-2 sachets, once daily before a meal. Mix 1 sachet into a cup of lukewarm water (150ml), stir well, and drink.


1 packet contains of 15 sachets x 5g



  • A delicious 3-in-1 joint food formula with branded, patented ingredients backed by studies.
    • Turmeric extract (Turmacin™) from Natural Remedies Private Limited, India. A patented water-soluble form of turmeric extract for better absorption and higher bioavailability. The active component, turmerossacharides showed a significant anti-inflammatory effect in clinical studies, and help to improve joint problems by reducing joint pain and improving the function of the affected joint.
    • Boswellia Serrata Extract (AquaLOX®) from PL Thomas, USA.
      It is well known in ayurvedic medicine for its role in helping inflammatory conditions. AquaLOX® has the highest concentration of Boswellia active component, AKBA (acetyl-keto-boswellic acid) at 78%. Besides being anti-inflammatory, it also inhibits the enzyme that causes the breakdown of cartilage and connective tissue. Thus, it offers a protective function and helps maintain the joint’s flexibility & mobility.
    • Fish Collagen from France
      A natural ingredient from a marine source acts as a building block and lubricant for cartilage. It has a lower molecular weight for better absorption and higher bioavailability.

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