New Zealand Extra Thick Fish Maw @ Hua Jiao (新西兰特厚花胶) – 2 pcs/ 8 pcs


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Hua Jiao can help in boosting physical strength, enhance immunity, and beauty and enhance beauty.
It is suitable for people with kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, postpartum blood halos; oesophageal cancer, stomach pain, concussion sequelae, hemorrhoids, back knee pain.

Gentle Reminder:
Soak with clean water overnight before proceed to cut and cook.
The size expands 8 to 10 times after sooking.
Fish maw is thick and chewy therefore for those who have a bowel movement problem, stomach indigestion, and thick and greasy tongue coating need to cook longer to soften before consuming.


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Gross Weight

41 gram (2 pieces), 151 gram (8 pieces)


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