Nourishing Chicken Soup (清补鸡汤)


Nourishing Chicken Soup (清补鸡汤) improves vitality, brain function, strengthen the spleen and appetite whetting.


2 – 3 Pax

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Cooking method

1  After rinsing all the ingredients, set aside.
2 Wash the chicken and cut into smaller pieces.
3 Set aside goji berry**, put all ingredients into water (1.5 – 2 liters), and set high heat till boiling. Then turn to low heat and cook for 1.5 hours.
4 Seasoning with salt according to your preference, and let it boil for minutes before serving.
Goji Berry to be added 10 mins before serve.


1 Suitable for all.
2 The pregnant lady requires consulting a doctor before consuming to avoid affecting the baby and her own health.
3 Not encourage women to consume during the menstrual period.
4 Not suitable when catching a common cold or fever.
5 After consumed, if you feel discomfort or have some adverse reactions. Please consult the doctor.




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