Seedless Red Dates Slice (无核红枣片) – 180 g/ 330 g


Also known as the Long-Life Golden Dates. It is sweet, neutral, good blood supplements, anti-cancer, inhibit cancer cell regeneration. It also softens the strong medicinal effect. It promotes youthfulness and beauty effect.
Red dates also promote healthy spleen and strengthen the stomach.
It is suitable for people with spleen and stomach problems who always encounter stomach pain, diarrhea, and burnout.
Red dates reduce the side effects of the strong drug and to protect the qi in the body.
Consume seven pieces of red dates between 9 to 10 am every day for the best health benefit.



Keep Refrigerated Just B'Healthy



Can be used to make flower tea.
Add some chrysanthemums and goji berries and soak in hot water for 15 minutes to drink. Able to dispel heat and has beautify effect.
You can make soup by adding ginseng and Atractylodes Macrocephala can strengthen spleen and stomach, increase appetite, stop diarrhoea effect.
Add ginger and Pinellia Ternata, to treat gastritis problem such as stomach bloating and vomiting symptoms.
Add Licorice and wheat to make soup.
This can liver relief and help women with bipolar disorder and restlessness problem.

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180 gram, 330 gram


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