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Abalone can regulate blood pressure, nourish yin, calm the liver, strengthen the kidneys, regulate adrenal secretion, and have a bidirectional effect on blood pressure.

Abalone has the effect of nourishing yin. It is a tonic and not heaty There are no side effects. There is no harm to consume more.

It regulates menstruation, moisturizing intestines, and also improves immunity.

Abalone can also suppress cancer cells.

How to prepare for cooking?

  1. Wash the dried abalone, put it in an oil-free and salt-free container, and soak in pure water. Dried abalones can be more submerged. Change the water frequently and soak for 48 hours to enter the next step of soaking the dried abalone. After the abalone is soaked, remove the intestines and rinse and prepare for cooking. If it is hard at this time, you can cook it before removing the intestines.
  2. There is a scallop-like thing on the top of the abalone, which is very hard. It is called abalone scallop. The intestines are around the scallop, and the head is removed together.
  3. Put the soaked abalone into a pot with purified water and boil it over high heat. After boiling, cook for another half an hour. If the abalone is still hard at this time, you can cook it for another 15 minutes. After turning off the heat, cover the pot and let it soak for 6-8 hours. Under hot weather, the soaking time can be shortened to avoid deterioration of abalone.
  4. Put the cooked abalone into an oil-free and salt-free lunch box, add purified water, cover the lid, and put it on the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator to continue soaking. For better effect, add in some ice cubes in the container for 48 hours.
  5. Once the abalone is softened, it can be cooked. The water used for soaking can be added to the cooking to add the flavor to the cooking.



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