Wild Chinese Yam@ Huai Shan Conch Soup (野淮山海螺汤)


Good for tonifying the lungs and help to replenish qi (respiration) & blood circulation.
Promote skin regeneration & beauty.

Wild Chinese Yam @ HuaiShan, Dried Longan, Red Dates, Codonopsis  Root @ Dang Shen, Yuzhu, Poria (slice/ grain), Premium Dry Conch Slice, Goji Berry, Rhizoma @ Chuan Gong

野淮山, 桂圆肉, 若疆红枣, 党参, 茯苓, 玉竹, 西非海螺片, 枸杞, 川芎

2 – 3 Pax

Keep Refrigerated Just B'Healthy







Cooking method

1. After rinsing all the ingredients, set aside.
2. Set aside goji berry, put all ingredients into water (1.5 – 2 liters), and set high heat till boiling. Then turn to low heat and cook for 2.5 hours.
3. Seasoning with salt according to your preference, and let it boil for minutes before serving.
4. Goji Berry to be added 10 mins before serve.


1. Suitable for all.
2. Pregnant lady requires consulting a doctor before consuming to avoid affecting the baby and her own health.
3. Not encourage women to consume during the menstrual period.
4.  Not suitable to consume during common cold or fever.
5. After consumed, if you feel discomfort or have some adverse reactions. Please consult the doctor.


1. Optional to add on meat or soup bone to enhance better soup taste.


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